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Child Safety In Cars

While driving cars many of us fail to realize the importance of child safety. Cars runs on a road and frequent bumps or jerks are normal. Though we may not have any affect of those jerks but infants and small kids are vulnerable to them. There are ample chances that they end up colliding with some structures in the car. As it is the seat belts can only restrain an adult but they can not provide enough safety to kids. So it is as necessary to have your kids restrained as yourself. Moreover, Federal law makes it mandatory to get child restrained till the age of 14 yrs. Violation of this law is treated as a standard crime and is a punishable offense.

Points of concern
Child safety is a point of concern and even the government recognize its importance. Different states have made it a law that child should be restrained in a seat. There are certain things that has to be kept in mind while traveling with your kid. Though they might look simple but they can play a vital role in saving your kids life in case of mishaps.

  • A best location in the car must be chosen for your kid. They must not be seated in the front and the sides close to doors and windows. They must be placed at rear seats in the center of the seat.
  • Air bags is considered a safety feature in the car but it can be dangerous for your kid. It can lead to severe head injury in kids. Hence kids should not be seated anywhere active airbags. Ir includes the front and the sides of the vehicle.
  • A seat for your child should be chosen because the seat belt on normal seats of the car is not capable enough to restrain your child properly. Hence you should shop for a good seat for your child. Child seats come in different varieties depending upon the age, weight and height. Age should be a less considered factor and more importance should be given to height and weight of the kid. The seats should be safety complaint and must be installed properly with proper signature.
  • Child should be discouraged from playing in the car as this will make him more vulnerable to injuries. This can also distract the driver on the wheel.
  • Children out of excitement tend to extend their body parts out of the window. This can be serious and children should be counseled and discouraged to perform such feats.
  • Child should never be left in the car unattended. Situations may take a drastic turn inadvertently causing harm to the child

Child being new to the world has negligible idea of road safety and its implications, but adults particularly parents know them. So the parents must take the matter in serious consideration and ensure proper safety measures for their children in car. A child restrained in a baby seat designed for them is far well protected than he is in their parents lap. Ignoring these measures can have serious implications.

Updated: August 21, 2014 — 4:04 am
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