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Brain Wave Machine and Its Uses

Brain wave machine
A brain wave machine is an electrical machine used for calculating the amount of electrical activity in the brain when millions of neurons communicate with each other and send signals simultaneously. The electrical activity caused in the brain is called brain wave pattern and the waves created are brain waves. A brain wave machine uses light and/or sound for altering the brain wave activity. This activity is of five groups, which are as follows.

Types of brain waves
Brainwave activity is divided into five groups, beta, alpha, theta and delta and gamma. These categories are associated with the frequency of brainwave and some parts of brainwave activities are related with mental state.

1. Gamma waves (27 Hz and above)
These waves are associated with formation of new and creative ideas, when language and memory processing occurs and during learning. This waves are not seen when you are in deep sleep and are induced with anesthesia. But returns back when you are back to wakeful state.

2. Beta waves (12-27 oscillations (or waves) per second (Hz))
Beta waves are usually seen when a person is awake – mostly during the day time or in the waking hours of early morning. Many people will not have this beta activity, which leads to problems like mental disorders like depression, low SMR production, etc. But if beta activity is generated, it will boost the emotional stability, energy levels, concentration, etc.

3. Alpha waves (8-12 Hz)
Alpha waves are produced when you are in a relaxed state – when your brain starts moving from beta activity to gentle waves of alpha. When you get up in the morning and before you sleep these waves are produced. It’s called alpha activity. Alpha activity is seen more in experienced meditators. This activity has the ability to recall all your memories, avoiding stress and anxiety, fresh energy begins, etc. This is the way that leads to a deeper state of consciousness.

4. Theta waves (3-8 Hz)
Theta state is found when a person is in light sleep or when he/she is in highly relaxed position like meditation. This is also acceptable mental state and this state is useful for hypnotherapy and also for self-hypnosis which are calculated using suggestions and recorded affirmations. This theta state gives yous sensation of floating, recalls long forgotten memories, flashes imagery dreams, etc.

5. Delta waves (0.2-3 Hz)
Delta waves occur when the person is in deep sleep without any dreams. You will completely in unconscious position when you have strong delta waves. In this situation, your body will be in healing position. These waves are also found in experienced meditators. Delta waves are slowest band of brain waves or brain wave activity.

Benefits of using brain-wave machine
This electronic brain wave machines can identify all these states. The brain-wave machine captures all the data from the brain for doing analysis. For this, the brain-wave machine uses electroencephalography (EEG), which is helpful in recording the different types of electrical activities as stated earlier and also the scalp, which is produced with the fire of neurons in the brain. This machine records the essential part of the data with the help of multiple electrodes placed on the scalp. After completion of the process the result is shown on the monitor. EEG can also be used to diagnose disorders in the brain such as brain diseases, brain trauma, brain death and sleeping disorders.

With the help of this machine, it is easy for identifying criminals, and with this machine a person can be the best mediator as he/she will have the ability to recognize different brain activities. Apart from this, the brain-wave machine helps people sleep, wake-up, meditate, etc. for which, the machine is programmed. This is how the brain wave machine useful in life threatening disease condition.

Updated: August 22, 2014 — 6:04 am
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