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Why Page Speed is Important?

Page speed helps a website in reducing the page load time. Apart from this benefit, it also leads to the following factors which helps your website.

1. Improved conversion:
If the website is loading up slow it makes the users to close it quickly, which affects the site with bounce rate. But with quick loading a web page the conversion rate is likely to improve. This means it makes visitor to stay in your website rather than going for your competitors’ website. This is the major factor for a website so, a good page speed will have a better prospects of conversion.

check website status2. Customer satisfaction improves
A faster website gives the user better engagement. If your website loads fast, no visitor or user will close it or abandon it. Speed of the website is important not only to the website owners but also visitors. Studies say that even 1 second delay may reduce 16% customers satisfaction and also the customers who are not satisfied doesn’t come back to your web site quickly. So, if your web site is speed ultimately customer satisfaction will also be increased.

3. Improves the page rank in search engines results
As page speed is also one of the factors in Google’s ranking web pages, it is necessary to have an improved page speed so that your page rank will be good in search results. In other words, a faster website leads to better chances to rank top in search results.

4. To have AdWords quality score
If the landing page of the website quickly loads, it improves the quality score of your website which makes the search engines to have a good impact on your website and also page speed drives CPC that is, advertising cost reduces with page speed.

5. Improves website latency and bandwidth usage
This is possible by changing the resources of the web page. The resources include HTML, CSS and Java scripts so that improvement in the speed of a web page occurs. This again leads to less bandwidth usage and website latency.

These are a few benefits of having a higher web page speed. Apart from these, it helps improve the overall performance of your website and makes it user friendly with more satisfaction. Therefore, it is necessary for a website to take care of the factors influencing page speed to realize these benefits.

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