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How Smile Makeovers Make Your Smile Bright?

It is the process of improving the appearance of the teeth using one or more cosmetic dentistry treatments which can involve dental implantation, teeth bonding, dental veneers, whitening treatments, dental crowns, etc. This is done to improve overall oral health and have a healthy smile on your face. This is usually performed when complete mouth re-construction is needed.

Types of cosmetic dentistry treatments involved in smile makeovers:
1. Dental bonding – For fractured, damaged teeth
2. Dental veneers – To avoid stained and mis-happened teeth
3. Tooth whitening – For dis-colored teeth
4. Tissue filters – To remove wrinkles from face
5. Porcelain crowns – To straighten the teeth
6. Teeth lengthening – To make the teeth long
7. Teeth braces/bridges – Irregular and crowded teeth are corrected

Some other treatments are also done like jaw corrections, lip corrections, gummy smile corrections, etc

Procedures involved in overall treatment of smile makeover:
The overall procedure of smile makeovers involve several steps:

  • At first the dentist will check for which treatment you are eligible that may be crowns, bridges, veneers, dental implants, etc., and based on that he will make a complete x-ray of the required part in teeth and will prepare some report regarding your teeth conditions.
  • Now he/she will start the treatment. It may be surgical or non-surgical and it may need few visits to your dentist.
  • After the treatment you will be given some suggestions and if needed some guards and gels that make your smile more beautiful.

Benefits of smile makeovers:

  • Makes our teeth strong, straight, infection free, etc
  • Correct alignment of teeth that are over crowded and mis-shaped
  • Improves your breathing pattern with correct alignment
  • Boosts your self-confidence
  • Re-stores your beautiful face
  • Will improve your dental health conditions
  • Makes you feel better and comfortable

Complications of smile makeovers:

  • During the treatment like dental implants and jaw bones some problems may arise which are manageable but these are very rare
  • Even though it involves painless treatments some people feel pain in between or after the treatment
  • If you have sensitivity problems you may feel some twinges after the treatment

Complications with smile makeovers are minor and can be treated if necessary.

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