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4 Qualities to Look for in a Professional Security Guard

If you are looking for security services you need to make sure the security guards have certain qualities that make them well suited to the job and they have the ability to keep your premises safe and orderly. This is because the job of a security guard is not one that can be performed by everybody.

A security guard provides a wide range of support for the employer and his property, and plays a crucial role in maintaining a secure environment. The security guard must have good presence of mind and should be able to work under any circumstances.

Listed here are four qualities that you need to check for while hiring a professional security guard:

1. Skills, experience, training to judge the competence to do the task
The first quality to look for in a security guard is, does he possess the necessary skills, experience, training and the competence. The skills that a security guard should have are maturity and responsible attitude to work, to observe and report, attention to detail, good judgment and decision making skills, ability to work with technical equipment such as security computer systems, video and surveillance equipment, etc.

Apart from skills, the security guard should have the relevant work experience in military, police, or security services, and should be qualified and should have been trained to meet your requirements. The security guard should have completed a training course according to state laws, and should have the required certification and license to perform the job. Checking these all will help you judge the competence of the person for the job.

Good physical and mental condition
As the job of a security guard involves patrolling a site, which requires making rounds on a regular basis or standing at a particular place, they should be in a good physical condition. At times, there might be intrusion by unauthorized people into the business premises, which may be harmful to the employer’s interest. When such a situation arises, the security guard must be physically capable of handling the situation. It is important that the security guard is mentally strong to handle any situation that may arise while on duty.

Must know how to communicate
Security guards should be able to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing. In many situations, they will have to use verbal skills – they may have to use a two-way radio device to communicate with other guards, answer phone calls, interview witnesses/victims or direct trespassers to leave the site.
Whereas written skills are important to make a note of the security guards observations clearly. They may also need to write reports, which they should be able to execute and should be able to communicate instructions in a clear, concise and appropriate manner.

Must be trustworthy
Being trustworthy is one of the important qualities a security guard should possess. A good security guard will not only be limited to watching out for trouble, but he will go beyond what is necessary to protect the employer and keep tight guard on things. He will be honest and will make sure that he carries out his job seriously.

A professional security guard should have all the aforementioned qualities. The job of a security guard is both challenging and rewarding, and at the same time it requires an outstanding performance to prevent and deter crime.

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