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Care And Maintenance of Dental Braces

Care and maintenance of dental braces is very important for having a good oral health, as it reduces the risk of gum diseases and tooth decay. Maintenance should be done to avoid the left over food and plaque which gets trapped in the tiny spaces of the wire, which is difficult to remove completely with the toothbrush.

Following are a few steps that will help you in maintaining your braces.

Clean after every meal
When you have braces it is important to brush after every meal in order to keep your teeth and gums healthy throughout the treatment. You need to choose right way to clean your braces in regular intervals of time. This is because the food gets stored into the tiny spaces of the braces which when not removed, this leads to formation of plaque and swelling of gums as well. Hence, to avoid such problems cleaning of teeth should be done after every meal and quick brush after every snack.

Washing with fluoride mouthwash
Orthodontist usually recommends use of fluoride mouthwash at times, this is because even after good brushing it is difficult to remove fine food particles from the braces. Fluoride mouthwash function with the mechanical action of swishing, which helps to remove the food particles and also act as antiseptic liquid. All mouthwash can be preferred, but mouthwash with fluoride have intensive property against the plaque.

Floss through the archwire without using force
Floss is something which is provided by the orthodontist to clean up the braces. If not provided by your dentist, buy a super-floss which is available in every drugstore. To use a floss you need to hold the floss with both the hands, then thread the floss under your braces. Now, slowly move up and down around the bridge. Do this around every tooth. This could be time consuming but prevents cavities. Flossing should be done twice a day.

Brush with Proxabrush only
Proxabrush is designed by dental professionals to remove dental plaque from areas between the teeth, which is commonly not removed by normal toothbrush. Proxabrush acts as alternative to floss and is easy to use. They function by cleaning the teeth naturally around the crowns and bridges.

Hence, care and maintenance is a must before and after the treatment of braces. It not only maintains your oral hygiene, but also prevents the onset of cavities.

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