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How to Keep Your Car Clean?

Car maintenance is very important, but quite often we keep it aside from making other things into priority. Car maintenance not only increases the performance of vehicle but also saves a lot. Keeping your car clean, waxing it and washing it and giving it for servicing regularly can make your car efficient and fuel consumption will also be less. Here are some tips to maintain your car neat and clean:

Wash car regularly
Washing not only makes your car look neat, shiny and good, but also gives it a new look and keeps away from corrosion. When cleaning your outside of the car, clean the inside too with a vacuum cleaner. Wash your car as dust, birds droppings, chemicals and dead bugs will be accumulated on the car.

Wash your car in winter too. Many people do not like to wash their cars in winter, but it is more important to wash in winters only than any other season in the year. The dirt, sand and ice mixed with road salt on the car will rust your car. The car gets corroded especially when there are fluctuations in temperature like a sudden rise in temperature or fall in temperature below the freezing point.

Clean the undercarriage, inside of wheel wells and bumpers as these are the places which are hard to reach and get corroded. If you do not have time to wash your car, give it in a car wash service center to get your car cleaned and get it dried completely.

Paint and wax your car
Paint your car to look great with a new look. Paint does cover a layer of rust if formed. Park your car in the shade or garage to protect the paint of your car. Choose superior detailing paint to cover the interior and exterior of the car. New types of polishes and waxes have come up.

These polishes protect your car’s paint from fading out, easy to apply and look of the finish is too good. The sun’s ultraviolet rays fall on the car and makes the paint fade, therefore protect your car with a car cover.

The car covers have come with a layer of cushion inside which protect from moisture, sun, birds droppings, dust, etc. Wax your car regularly to protect the paint of the car by slowing down oxidation and creating a barrier against birds droppings and pollution. By waxing, the car will get a new look and shine.

Use only products designed for your car washing
If you are planning to wash your car yourself at home, do not use hand, dish wash detergent, glass cleaner, etc as they can remove the wax from your car. Use only the products designed for cars.

Park your car in the shade
Parking your car in shade will protect the paint of the car and minimizes car’s interior damage from UV rays of the sun and heat. Garage is an ideal place for parking your car, but if you do not find a parking place, use a car shade. Car shades are of two types : one is where you can unfold and place on the windshield and rear window and the other is pleated type which get attached to windshield post, window frame or windows.

Clean the interior with vacuum cleaner
The interior of the car must be thoroughly cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. Take out the mats and dust them with a brush as doing this will help in preventing wearing out of the mats. Let the mats dry in the sun before keeping them in the car. Clean the lenses on the dashboard with a soft damp cloth.

Clean your car glass components
Most of the important parts in a car are made up of glass. As glass is a fragile material, care should be taken care of as your windscreen or light is damaged then driving becomes difficult. Clean and polish the glass components with a damp cloth regularly. The glass covers over the lights get dull over a period of time and it affects your driving. Use a sandpaper and lubricant over the glass to make it clear and smooth, also polish to get back the shine again.

Updated: December 3, 2015 — 8:09 am
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