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Selecting the Ideal Tooth Paste

Selection of the tooth paste plays an important role for keeping your oral health in good condition. Selection of good tooth paste improves the quality of your teeth. Today, most people are choosing tooth paste based on the color and taste not oral hygiene.

Types Of Tooth Pastes:
These are so many types of tooth pastes available in the market. Select the tooth paste which is best suitable for your need.

Types of tooth pastes are:
1. Teeth whitening Tooth Paste:
Teeth whitening tooth paste contains abrasives which removes stains. It does not improve the teeth color. It is suitable if you have any stains on the surface of the tooth or discoloration of teeth.

2. Tartar control Tooth Paste:
If Plaque is not removed it become tartar which is difficulty to remove leads to gum problems. Using these pastes can not remove tartar but can prevent tartar. Using tartar control tooth paste containing fluoride and anti plaque agents adds more effective to teeth.

3. Fluoride tooth paste:
The most important ingredient in any tooth paste is fluoride. Fluoride tooth paste removes the stains and bacteria from the surface of the teeth and helps to prevent tooth decay. It also helps to make your teeth strong.

4. Desensitizing tooth paste:
Candidates with sensitivity to hot and cold should select desensitizing tooth paste. It contains desensitizing materials which blocks the nerves attached to the teeth and reduces the sensitivity.

5. Children tooth pastes:
Children teeth are more susceptible to dental decay. To prevent this less amount of fluoride containing children tooth pastes are suitable.

Available Forms Of Tooth Paste:
Tooth pastes are available in different forms:

  • Tooth powders
  • Tooth pastes
  • Tooth Gels

Ingredients In Tooth Paste:
Before buying a tooth paste it is important to check whether the following ingredients are present or not. Common ingredients in Tooth paste are:

  • Fluorides
  • Abrasives
  • Surfactants
  • Flavourants
  • Humectants
  • Thickening agents

1. Fluorides
Tooth pastes contain fluorides which is a main ingredient in tooth paste. It is useful to remove stains and helps in the prevention of dental decay. Stannous fluoride, sodium fluoride are the ingredients in tooth pastes.

2. Abrasives
These are the scratchy material which removes the plaque from the teeth. It helps to prevent the dental decays. It also removes food particles clogged in the teeth. It occupies 50% of the tooth paste. Calcium carbonate and aluminum hydroxide are used as abrasives in tooth pastes.

3. Surfactants
Surfactants are the foaming agent. It involved in the uniform distribution of tooth paste all over the mouth and improves the cleaning power. Sodium lauryl sulfate is used as surfactant in tooth pastes.

4. Flavouring Agents
Flavouring agents are used as an ingredient in tooth pastes. It improves the taste and colour of the tooth paste for better use. Mostly peppermint, orange, neem oils are used as flavouring agents.

5. Humectants
Humectants are added in the tooth pastes to prevent it from drying. Glycol is used as humectant.

6. Thickening agent
Thickening agents are added to improve the consistency of the tooth paste. Gums are used as thickening agents.

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