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Tips for Maintaining Car’s Air Condition

Even if your car’s air conditioning is working properly, you need to maintain it regularly in order to avoid trouble in the middle of the journey during hot summer with nothing but hot air blowing from your air conditioner’s vents. Therefore, it is important for you to service and maintain your car’s air conditioner regularly.
Here are some simple ways that help you maintain your car’s air conditioning.

1) Run the air conditioner regularly
Even if the weather is cold, it is advised to run your air conditioner for about 10 minutes at least once a week. Running your air conditioner regularly will help keep the system lubricated. In addition, all parts of the system run smoothly. Further, it will maintain gas pressure to keep the compressor in good working condition.

Apart from cooling your vehicle, air conditioner’s function is to remove humidity from the cabin. It is also helpful in removing fog from the windshield, which improves visibility.

2) Check the coolant levels
Check for the coolant levels. One of the major causes of air conditioner problems is lack of refrigerant. It is better to inspect regularly the coolant levels before any problem occurs. Whenever you are taking your car to the mechanic for an oil change or for any other routine maintenance, have all the fluids including coolant levels checked. This is an ideal way to head off problems before they occur.

3) Spot the warning signs
When there is a problem in your car’s air conditioner, look for any warning signs. If the air conditioner compressor is on and the air that is blown through is is not cold, it is an indication that the coolant level is low.

Problems with the air conditioner can also be caused by lack of air flow. For this, it is better to make sure that the cooling motor is running properly.

4) Getting your car air conditioner serviced regularly: Get your car’s a/c serviced regularly especially before the hottest months begin.

The drive belts of the compressor get easily damaged and therefore it is advisable to check and maintain your car’s air conditioner regularly.

The air conditioner is a vital part of your car. You might need it seasonally, but it is important to maintain it to ensure optimal functionality and when you need.

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