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How to Decorate a Buffet Table for a Wedding at Home?

Decorating a buffet table add so much to your wedding it is a good idea to decorate a buffet table, it will give beautiful presentation. The buffets cape is the presentation of food which attracts the people in an event and it should tie with the theme of your event. There are many ways to present the buffet table for this; you need some basics that you will use in buffet table creation.

The basic tips are as follows, use different heights to create visual interest among the guests, layer the items for adding interest because it encourages the eye to roam, use the accenting colors and textures in fabrics and décor items, and use the odd number when grouping the items together so that will please the eye. These are the tips to use while preparing the buffet table, if you will apply them while preparing then this will definitely give an interesting and memorable buffet.

The plates are the main ingredients on the buffet table, stack them the way like but if you use the dinner plate rack, it will give more visual appeal than just a stack of plates. It is better if you arrange them according to the food for example the small plates can be arranged around the table near its food.

If the event is in the evening, the candles are pretty and add ambiance to the buffet, but better if you use tea lights, twinkle lights, pillar candles so that your guests will be safe when they using your buffet. It is better to use LED candles because they are beautiful and give you ambient lighting of the candle and there will be no open flame.

Sometimes it is better if you use some silk plants and greenery on your buffet table because some plants and flowers are toxic to humans. You can also prepare it with strawberry trees, pineapple palm trees, cheese balls, shrimp trees or the water falls these are the some of the ideas to set the buffet table.

Updated: January 23, 2016 — 3:16 am
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