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Common Causes that Make You Being Pulled Over by Cops

You can get pulled over by cops easily than you think. There are some common ways that you will get pulled by the cops and this article discusses the same.

Below is the list of things you should watch out for to avoid unnecessary hassles.

1) Speeding
Do not speed while driving. If ignoring this warning, you are likely to get a speeding ticket by traffic police. Speed is a traffic violation and an initial reason to get your car for being stopped by the cops. Usually cops look for drivers who are going much faster than others on road. The faster you drive the more chances of you getting caught by the cops. Under government law, speeding your car is equivalent to breaking the rules and regulations and is one of the reasons for getting pulled over by the cops.

2) Distracted driving
Distracted driving is usually because of talking or texting on mobile phone. Majority of people caught by cops is because of the distracted driving. We think that we can handle driving while talking or texting on mobile phone, but the truth is that we will get distracted and there is a danger of car accidents.

3) Hazardous driving
Hazardous driving includes illegal U turns, improper changing of lanes, failing to stop at signals etc. These are the most common violations that have been found and are the major offenses/crimes that one should avoid.

4) Changing lanes improperly
Changing lanes improperly is also a serious violation as it is like cutting someone off and moving without looking. Changing lanes without giving signals can add to the reasons for getting pulled over by cops.

A little awareness can help you avoid getting into trouble. So, remember not to break the law by traffic violations.

Updated: December 3, 2015 — 11:43 pm
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