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Care after Dental Implant Surgery

As with every surgical process, Dental implant surgery also require following care after surgery in order to ensure its success. This article contains information on how to take care after dental implant surgery.

Care after Dental Implant Surgery
Following care should be taken in order to get the best results of dental implants:

1) Diet
After surgery, you need to take liquids for first 24 hours and soft food that is comfortably eaten. Avoid extremely hot food and drinks. Doctor advises to have soft food for first few days after surgery. Try for keeping food away from the surgical site. Make sure that after each meal, you rinse your mouth thoroughly with warm salt water. For first few weeks, avoid popcorn, nuts and food with small seeds. Nutritious food should be taken for optimum healing. It is recommended to take vitamins for improving your immune.

2) For Pain
As your mouth is numb for few hours after surgery, you need to be extra careful so that you do not bite your tongue, cheeks or lips. Pain relieving tablets should be taken, as numbness will subside after sometime.

3) For Swelling
Swelling occurs few hours after implant surgery. For managing swelling, doctors recommend to apply ice packs or a cold compress over the surgery site for reducing swelling. Moreover, after surgery, it is better to elevate your head with extra pillows for first 2 nights to reduce swelling.

4) For Bleeding
As gauze pad is placed on the surgical site for limiting bleeding while it gets clotted. These pads should be placed for thirty to forty minutes after the dental implant surgery. It should be replaced every thirty to forty minutes if the bleeding continues.

4) Oral Hygiene Instructions
Do not try to rise your mouth for at least 24 hours after surgery. After 24 hours of surgery, brush and floss in a normal way, but avoid the surgical area for first few days until the sutures are removed or dissolved.

5) Activity
Any strenuous exercise should be avoided for few days after surgery. Smoking should be avoided as this slows down the healing process and there are chances of implant surgery getting failed.
For few weeks, alcohol should also be avoided for allowing gums to heal.

Antibiotics prescribed should be taken as per the instructions, thus completing the course. Moreover, you it is advisable to visit dental professional for ensuring that the implants are kept clean.

Updated: December 3, 2015 — 7:36 am
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