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Five Smart Ways to Make your Home Look Spacious

Does your home look smaller, even though it is not actually so? If so, following certain ways you could make your home look really spacious.

In this article, we provide you five smart tips which will help you change the appearance of your home, namely looking bigger.

1. Limit accessories in your rooms
If your rooms are filled with too many accessories or unwanted items, obviously your room looks cramp and busy. So remove unnecessary accessories, and place only those accessories which adds beauty to your room. Avoid keeping large things as they take more space. Organize all the items properly such that room looks beautiful and well presented. By removing unwanted items, you will get more space. You can easily clean and maintain the room which is spacious.

2. Place multifunctional furniture
Avoid buying furniture which occupies more space. Instead you look for multifunctional furniture that can be used for multiple purposes. You can fold and keep aside if you don’t need that furniture. For example, chest furniture can be convertible and can be used as a coffee table, storage bed, sofa beds etc. Folding tables are best to choose in your furniture. This will help your room look spacious.

3. Paint your walls with neutral colors
Room colors have the capacity of influencing people moods. Lighter shades like white and creamy colors can make your smaller room look bigger and brighter room.

The ceiling color is too important. If it is low, paint light color so that it will give an impression of looking bigger.

Brightly colored walls create more open space in the room because of its space expanding features. So paint with neutral colors and avoid painting your walls with dark colors in your room.

4. Use plain colored draperies for windows
Choose draperies that match background wall colors. Never choose draperies that lined with large designs and patterns. Plain draperies with small designs look great and impressive in every room.

5. Good lighting opens up your space
Lighting plays an important role in the space expansion of rooms. Allow as much natural light as possible into the room. This will make look having more space in the room. With the help of smart and creative lighting effects, you can make your smaller room look spacious.

These tips will help you make the home look bigger.

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