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Denture Maintenance

Denture replaces missing teeth and helps in restoring your smile. Like natural teeth, it should also be kept clean. It is important to maintain them properly. Regular maintenance will help prevent damage. In this article, we will discuss different ways of maintaining it.

Take care while handling: In order to avoid dropping, doctors often advise their patients to clean dentures in a basin of water. When cleaning, make sure you don’t bend it. Contact your dentist in case it breaks, cracks or teeth becomes loose.

Clean the denture: When new ones are fixed, it requires great care. Regular and thorough cleaning especially of fitting surfaces with soap, water or cleaners is important in order to prevent the build up of stains and deposits. Rinse it well after each meal so that there are no left over food particles.

Brush and scrub once daily: Brushing and scrubbing once in a day keeps your denture clean. Use a soft bristle brush to remove food particles or any deposits. Scrub gently with mild soap or a cleaner. Hard scrubbing, harsh toothpaste and strong cleaners are not advisable.

Overnight soaking of denture when not wearing them: Soak it in water or in the cleaning solution when you are not wearing it, this helps in keeping it clean and retaining its shape. This makes it easy for the next use.

Use solution for cleaning: Soaking dentures in the cleaning solution will help in killing bacteria and germs that can cause odor. Make sure you don’t apply the cleaning solution while they are in your mouth. Don’t soak it in hot water.

If you are using a solution for cleaning dentures, make sure you rinse it properly: Solutions that are used for cleaning or soaking dentures have some harmful chemicals that can cause vomiting, stomach pain when swallowed, so thorough rinsing is very important.

Go for regular dental checkups: Your dentist will advise you for regular checkups and how often you have to get dentures examined. It you face any difficulty like, if they are not fitting properly or if they have become loose, then immediately contact your dentist because it can cause irritation.

Following these tips will help you keep your dentures clean, and you will be able to use them for five to six years. It is important to visit your dentist once in six months and get it checked for any signs of gum disease or irritation so that they can be treated immediately.

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