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Benefits and Drawbacks of Wood Flooring for Your Home

Wood flooring gives a lap of luxury, elegant style and a life to your home. Wood comes from nature and is safe for health. As for wood flooring, two types of wood flooring like solid hard wood flooring and engineered wood flooring available. You could choose one of them.

It is difficult to find flaws in these varieties of wood, as each is good from different perspective. Solid hard wood flooring is composed of single piece of timber. These are thicker and can be installed by nailing. Whereas engineered wood flooring is composed of two or multiple layers of planks. These are generally installed with glue. Let’s take a look at what the benefits and drawbacks of wood flooring.

Benefits of Wood Flooring:

  • Eco-Friendly: The wood used for flooring comes from timber trees. It is renewable and recyclable in nature. Wood flooring is eco-friendly option for us. It is an ideal option for the nature lovers.
  • Aesthetics Appeal: Wood flooring gives an aesthetic, lavish and stylish appeal to your house. It never goes out of style. It bring in good value to your money. Wood flooring imparts more resale value to the home than other kind of flooring does.
  • Varieties: You can choose one from a wide range of colors, styles, types of wood flooring. So, we have the choice in taking the best one among them as per our home style. You could go for wood such as red oak, white oak, maple. Wood obtained from these tree suits both contemporary and traditional homes style.
  • Durability: Wood flooring is durable in nature. Good quality floors last for decades. After a long period, you may find the floor dull, with scratches. In that case, don’t go for replacing, you can bring back the look back by sanding or re-coating. It saves your money and time.
  • Increases Property Value: Wood flooring gives additional value to your property. You will get better returns than in case of other flooring, when you sell the home.
  • Warm Feel to your Feet: Wood flooring gives a warm and pleasant feel to your feet when you walk on it. It is a good option for those who are living in cool areas.

Drawbacks of Wood Flooring:

  • Expensive: Wood flooring is expensive to buy or to install when compared to other options of flooring.
  • Vulnerable to Humidity: Wood flooring is prone to gaping, crowning and cupping. When humidity in the house increases, it may curve upwards, and gives awkward feel.
  • Noisy: Wood flooring is not suitable for those who do not like the noise. When you walk on wood flooring emits noise as that of when you walk in high healed or pointed sandals, shoes, etc.

The points on benefits and drawbacks of wooden flooring help you make an optimal decision. If you are planning for a new house or home improvement, it will be of great help.

Updated: August 29, 2013 — 5:55 am
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