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Ten Tire Care Tips

Tires are the most important part of the car which touches the surface of the road, so you want to ensure proper grip and that they’re in the best shape possible. To get the proper mileage from the car, you have to take proper precautions.

Following are the top ten tire care tips:

  1. Inflate your car tires: Always ensure that your tires are inflated according to the recommended levels of manufacturers of that car. Under inflated tires can develop excessive heat and can lead to tire failure. Even over inflated tires can result in premature tread wear in the center of tires and it can blow out due to the increased temperatures.
  2. Check for any damages in tires: Inspect regularly whether your tires are having any signs of cracks, bulges, or cuts in the sidewall and tread area. If you find these signs, your tires should be replaced. Even these can be an indication of improper alignment of tires.
  3. Avoid road accidents: Driving too fast and on damaged roads can definitely damage your vehicle tires. Always drive on smooth roads.
  4. Avoid overloading your car: Never overload your car more than the vehicles capacity. If you do so, there will be excess load on tires that can run hotter which can, in turn increase the chance of tire failure.
  5. Rotate tires: Rotate your tires according to owner’s manual otherwise your tires will wear out.
  6. Use covers to protect your tires: Use tire protectant to prevent your vehicle tires from harsh weather conditions. Clean sidewalls of tires to extend the life of the tires.
  7. Keep your tire maintenance records: If you want to qualify for your tire manufacturer warranty you will need to keep accurate records of tire maintenance.
  8. Keep tires in matched sets: Many manufactures recommend owners to keep all tires of the same type until it was engineered for different front and rear sizes.
  9. Remove tires if you are not using vehicle for long time: All tires will lose air over time. So remove the tires, if you will not use your car for a long time and pack it in a plastic covers and store in a cool and dark place.
  10. Maintain alignments of steering and suspension: Proper steering alignment can help you prevent from uneven tear wear.

Updated: December 3, 2015 — 7:30 am
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