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Tips to Keep Your Car in Right Shape

Everybody wants their car to be in right shape, to look new, in properly working condition. But they do not maintain their cars with proper care. If you want your car in right shape then you have to maintain your car regularly.

Following are tips for keeping your car in right shape:

  • Whenever you buy a new vehicle, the smart thing is to check the owner’s manual for the manufacturers recommended maintenance schedule. It is needed because there are things on your car that are to be replaced at certain gaps such as air filters, spark plugs, brakes, hoses etc.
  • Always keep your car clean by regularly washing because the car can have full of dust which can spoil the life of the car. So maintain the car to extend the life of the car.
  • Checking all fluids as a part of monthly maintenance of your car can help you to find out if there is any leaks. If you find any oil leak, do not forget to add oil regularly until the problem is solved.
  • If you find any problems like scratches, broken, immediately fix those problems otherwise you have to spend a lot.
  • Use manufacturer’s recommended oil.
  • Checking tire pressure in the tires of your car is also important. If less air is present in the tires then the heat will be developed in the wheels which causes problem in the braking system. If too much air is present in the tire, then the tire can burst out due to the opting temperature in the wheels. So, inflate the tires according to the recommended level of manufacturer’s otherwise the tires will wear out.
  • If your engine is emitting any leaks, immediately fix it.
  • Way of driving is also important. So drive slowly.

Updated: March 9, 2017 — 6:19 am
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