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Tips for Flooring Your Home

Home is heaven because we spend our life for years with so many memories. So they won’t leave their homes until a severe problem (transfer to other city) occurs. Suppose if they are staying in that place and want to build a new home or renovate one, they need a plan to implement according to their comforts and styles available today.

Flooring is also one of the part to consider while renovating a home because, it enhances the overall appearance of the house. There are, however many styles and designs of flooring’s available to apply in your living rooms, bed rooms, kitchens etc. so that you can differentiate one room with another.

Most people used to apply carpet flooring in their homes in the past. But now a days, so many options are available that people are choosing floors that are cost-effective, environment-friendly, hard-surface-flooring-options, easy to clean and maintain. Whether you choose any type of flooring, it all depends on the mood you want to create for your room and also every floor option has its own good and bad points.

Below are some of the flooring types you can apply to your rooms.

  • Hardwood floors are versatile and can be used any where. They add elegance to living and dining rooms, give coziness to bedrooms and kitchens. They look great in both traditional and contemporary interiors and is great option for allergy sufferers. The downside of this floor is it requires lot of maintenance and easily susceptible to water damage.
  • Stone floors look elegant and are durable because they are stain resistant, scratch-proof, moisture proof and easy to clean. The downside is, it is expensive.
  • Bamboo flooring is also similar to hard wood flooring but something it looks more non-traditional and exciting. The flip side of the bamboo flooring requires more maintenance.
  • Cork flooring is rich, organic look, and it is soft and gives a comfortable feel underfoot. This flooring is having properties like sound absorbing, insulating and non-allergic.
  • Laminate floor are affordable and needs less maintenance. The downside is there is no repairing option if it gets damaged.

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