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Water Heating Tips For Saving Energy

Heating water demands you for energy expense and it raises your utility bills. Without knowing, your water heater is working hard to do its job. Heat the water only for doing your regular tasks so that it not only saves your energy costs but also it saves your water and electricity bill.

Following are some helpful tips for saving your energy costs.

  • Set your water heater below 1200 Fahrenheit (midway between the low and medium settings) so that it eliminates the risk of scalding, and this temperature is a very happy medium between comfort, and cost control.
  • A drop dripping from leaky taps wastes more than 700 to 800 liters of water. So, fix these leaky taps by replacing a new one or repair it.
  • Insulate water pipes which leads to the hot water tap with tape wrap or snap-on foam pipe tubing.
  • Close or shut the faucet when shaving, washing, and rubbing dishes.
  • Install faucet aerators on your tap or sink faucets to lower water flow.
  • Insulate your natural gas or oil hot-water storage tank, but be careful not to cover the water heater’s top, bottom, thermostat, or burner compartment. If there is any doubt get professional help or follow manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • If you are going to purchase a new dishwasher or clothes washer, consider water-saving ENERGY STAR model to reduce usage of hot water.
  • Most of the time, use cold water wash for normal clothes washing instead of using hot water. It too provides sufficient cleanliness.
  • Take Showers Instead of baths because showers generally use half as much hot water as baths.

If you follow these trips, it would be beneficial for you in saving your electricity bills.

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