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Tourist Locations in Modesto, California

Modesto is the county seat of Stanislaus County, California, in the U.S. It is nestled between the Sierra Nevada’s and the Bay Area. Modesto is the 16th largest city in California. It is known for its dedication to horticulture and also rich agricultural heritage. Modesto is a 29-time honoree of the “Tree City USA” title. It is the cultural hub of the Central Valley.

Modesto is well-known for growing wine grapes. It is on the leading makers of best wine in U.S. It is also famous for agricultural and food manufacturing. It produces many crops, including dairy, cattle, poultry, walnuts and almonds. The city is home to the Modesto Nuts a minor league baseball team. They are a High-A California League team.

Below are some tourist attractions of Modesto, California:

1. McHenry Mansion
The McHenry Mansion was built by Robert McHenry a prominent banker in the year 1883. The mansion is a fine example of the Victorian Italianate style of architecture. Today, the Mansion is a famous location for weddings, receptions, special events and also a site seeing place for tourists.

2. McHenry Museum
Oramil McHenry’s family is said to have given the McHenry Museum to Modesto in 1912. Originally the museum was the city library. Today the museum has a complete dentist’s office, a recreated blacksmith shop that uses wood and square nails from a house as old as century, and a general store. There is a Gift Store that has many unique gifts and books in the museum.

3. Great Valley Museum of Natural History
The Great Valley Museum of Natural History, educates you about the plants and animals, it brings you the wonders of science and nature. The center has two permanent exhibits: “The Habitats of Great Valley” and “Animals of the World”. The Great Valley Museum of Natural History also has a planetarium, observatory, science sphere, Foucault pendulum, interactive periodic table and outdoor education area.

4. Castle Air Museum
The Castle Air Museum is a military museum that opened in the year 1981. The museum displays aircraft flown by the brave pilots and crews of historic World War ll, Korean War and Vietnam Conflict. The museum also has a collection of photographs, uniforms, war memorabilia, aircraft engines and a flight deck

5. George Lucas Plaza
George Lucas Plaza is located at five points, it is bronze statue made in the honor of George Lucas who was a filmmaker of Modesto. The bronze statue symbolizes a teenage boy and girl sitting on a 1957 Chevy.

6. Gallo Center for the Arts
The Gallo Center for the Arts was open to public in September 2007 the art center is a arts complex in downtown Modesto, the art center hosts dances, plays, education and entertainment.

7. Modesto Arch
The Modesto Arch was built in 1912. It arch was the entrance to the city Modesto for many years. The Arch is a witness to Modesto’s past and future.

There are some more tourist attractions, in addition to the above mentioned such as Downtown Modesto, The State Theater, John Thurman Field, Southern Pacific Depot, El Viejo Post Office, American Graffiti Cruising Loop, McClatchy Square and a few more.

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