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Tourist Locations in Fort Lauder-Dale, Florida

Fort Lauder-dale is a city in the Florida state of United States on the Atlantic Coast. It is located in the east-central portion of the Bro-ward County, Florida approximately 23 miles north of Miami and 42 miles south of Palm Beach. Fort Lauder-dale nick name is ‘Venice of America’ because of its Extensive Canal System. It is famous for its beaches, arts, cultures and events.

Following are the tourist Attractions of Fort Lauder-dale, Florida:

1. Bonnet House Museum and Garden
It displays a collection of art, architecture, history, personal treasures and ecology. This was a 36-acres estate once belonged to the Birch/Bartlett family. This historic house designed by Frederick Clay Bartlett and built in 1920.It reflects the lifestyle of its artist owners and preserving the natural setting of Old South Florida.

2. Museum Of Discovery And Science
It is one of the largest museums in Florida and exhibits features related to the scientific world to the public. The museum also features a number of ‘ecoscapes’ as well as simulated rides to a Mars. It even displays a Floridian species of animals where public are allowed to get quite closer to the animal life. Eco-discovery center is one of the museums latest additions offers a whole new series of displays and interesting learning opportunities for kids.

3. Museum Of Art
It is a modern three-story building housing nationally acclaimed exhibitions from King Tut to Norman Rockwell. This building has a wide-ranging collection of more than 5400 pieces of Art. Modern and contemporary art of American and European art, Picasso Ceramics, and Contemporary Cuban art are the highlights of this museum.

4. Fort Lauder-Dale Beach
Once this beach was known for spring break madness because thousands of college students descended on the beach in a drunken frenzy but now it is more sedate but is still an entertaining stretch of sand. Multitude of shops, restaurants, and other tourist sites are there along the roads of the beach.

5. Fort Lauder-Dale Antique Car Museum
This museum focuses on the history of the Packard Motor Company. This museum displays a collection of 22 pre-war Packard automobiles. Other memorabilia elements such as a gallery dedicated to the late president Franklin D. Roosevelt.

6. Everglades Holiday Park
This Park is noted for the opportunity to glide over the river on an air boat and watch educational ‘gator’ shows. Here visitors can enjoy camping and boating.

7. Fort Lauder-Dale – River Walk
It is a waterfront park in the heart of downtown Fort Lauder-dale. Located on Florida’s most beautiful mile, River Park has lush tropical landscape and winding walkways that allow visitors to walk to attractions, restaurants and shops.

8. Bro-Ward Center For The Performing Arts
It is one of the South Florida’s premier entertainment venues. It offers a variety of entertainment programs such as Broadway shows, dance performances, Opera and Symphony concerts.

9. Stranahan House
In 1901, Ohio business man and trader Frank Stranahan built this pine pioneers home. This home features wide verandahs, bay windows, a Victorian parlor, and tropical gardens. It displays furniture and decorative pieces of Victorian period. This house also serves as post office, community center and town hall.

Florida Grand Opera, Fort Lauder-dale Children Theater, Fort Lauder-dale Film Festival, Parker Playhouse, Stonewall National Museum and Archives, Secret Woods Nature Center are also some of the tourist attractions of Fort Lauder-dale.

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