Tourist Locations in Bonita Spring, Florida

Bonita Springs is a beautiful city in Lee County, Florida, United States. It is known as The Gateway to the Gulf. It has some of the most beautiful beaches and islands. These are located along the Gulf of Mexico. It is part of the Cape Coral-Fort Myers metropolitan area and is located just north of Naples. The word “Bonita” means beautiful in Spanish.

Bonita Spring is famous for its natural beauty and is an attractive destination. It is also a favorable destination for golfing, boating and relaxing. There is a variety of places to explore in shopping, dining, and entertainment. The city hosts several musical events and sport events throughout the year, attracting the residents of Florida and many visitors from around the world.

Below are some of the tourist attractions of Bonita Spring, Florida.

1. Bonito Beach
Bonita Beach is just south of Fort Myers Beach and comprises an upscale beach community. The landscaping in the Bonita Beach area is very lush and tropical vegetation, with lots of coconut palms, sea grapes, and other lush tropical foliage. On the northern tip of Bonita Beach is the beautiful Bonita Beach Park, it is a 2.5 acre beachfront park that has a swimming area and boardwalk.

2. Barefoot Beach
The Barefoot Beach is located between Naples and Fort Myers, it offers a range of attractive biking trails, numerous boat-access ramps, swimming spots and walking. It is covered with clean stretch of white-sand.

3. Barefoot Beach Preserve County Park
Barefoot Beach Preserve is a County Park that lies on 342 acres of natural land to the north of Naples. It is designated as a protected area for a variety of tropical plants and animal wildlife. One can find many Loggerhead Sea Turtles, which live on the island.

4. Art League of Bonita Springs
The Art League of Bonita Springs began in 1959 when Ruth Hardy gathered 15 artists and conducted the first community art classes. The center of arts is committed to improve the culture of the community by providing opportunities for artistic expression, education and appreciation in a supportive and raising environment. It serves as a gallery, classroom and meeting point for the arts community in Bonita. The arts organization hosts events throughout the year in art and cultural.

5. Flamingo Island Flea Market
Flamingo Island Flea Market is southwest Florida’s Best Flea Market for the last decade. The market has 600 spaces and offers over one million items on sale every weekend. The market offers many things such as great restaurants, fresh seafood, antiques, apparels, electronics, groceries and many more, just at one destination.

6. Everglades Wonder Gardens
Everglades Wonder Gardens was established in 1936, it is one of Florida’s early wildlife attractions. It features a large collection of wildlife including crocodiles, black bears, deer, alligators, Florida Panthers and many wildlife species. It also has a botanical garden and a natural history museum.

7. Riverside Park
Riverside Park is used for holiday celebrations, festivals, art shows, Movies in the Park, and for special events including Celebrate Bonita festival and Taste of Bonita festival.

8. Bonito Springs Nature Place
Bonito Springs Nature Place is located on the the beautiful banks of the Imperial River. It features interconnected habitat types such as pine flat woods, riverine forests, oak hammocks and aquatic areas. The aim of the Bonita Nature Place is to provide quality education to promote conservation and environmental stewardship.

The community of Bonita Springs is a pleasing small beach town. It is also home to art museums/galleries and entertainment opportunities. There are beautiful shops, extensive shopping, excellent restaurants and many more options for visitors to be occupied on their trip to Bonita Spring, Florida.

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