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Linen and Cotton Care Advice for Hotels and Restaurants

Hotels and restaurants buy and store linen and cotton for serving their guests. If these clothing items are not maintained well, there will be a loss to the hotels because their hotel quality depends on how they are serving to their guests. If clean clothing items are not provided, then guests will think that they are not maintaining hygiene and they will move to another hotel.
Below are some of the tips to take care of linen and cotton clothing items:

Cotton and linen washing: Wash according to the washing instructions labeled on the cotton and linen products. This will specify the specific requirements of washing like temperature of the water.

See whether bleaching agents are allowed to use or not for washing those products. For white colored clothing, you can use bleaching agents but for colored clothes it is not used because clothes will look dull and fade. If instruction for the fabric is there for colored clothing, add a drop of vinegar when rinsing.

Cotton and linen ironing: Once the washing of clothes is completed, then the next task is ironing. When you are drying the clothes, please make sure that you stretch the clothes so that it will not develop wrinkles. Do iron when the cotton and linen are little damp for better results. Some hotels spray starch on napkins when ironing. This will help them to make the napkins into different shapes.

Storing cotton and linen: You must store the cotton and linen in a dry place to avoid mildew growth. The area must be cool, dry and well-ventilated.

Ink, juices, cosmetics, beverages, coffee/tea and wine stains can be immediately removed from cotton and linen by simply soaking in cold water, rinsing, stain remover etc.

Updated: April 22, 2013 — 11:15 pm
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