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Keep Your Engine Cool when Temperature Rises

The cooling system in your car engine prevents overheating of your car engine and enables it to operate at its highest efficiency. A water pump, a thermostat, a radiator and a fan are the components of cooling system. When these parts are not working properly, your engine possibly faces severe damage and destroys car engine. So, try to find out which parts of the cooling system are not working properly in order to prevent engine from overheating.

However, the engine gets heated frequently in summer as the temperature is high in this season. Here are tips how to cool your engine when your engine is overheated. You find most cooling system issues in this season and can result in roadside breakdowns. So, it is necessary to keep your car hydrated during summer season.

Most people use wrong coolant in their car and they don’t know which coolant to use in their cars which eventually leads to cooling system damage. Always use the right coolant in engine which suits according to your car model. Follow the user’s manual of car to get or buy the required coolant.

Changing coolant in cooling system depends on number of miles you drive your car and also in which climate you live. If you stay and live under extreme hot temperatures, you need to replace your coolant twice a year. If you stay in medium temperature, replacing it once a year is sufficient.

Check the cooling system because spotting problems can help you resolve problems before getting onto road.

Updated: February 18, 2016 — 7:27 am
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