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Tips to Save Big on Your Wedding Favors

To reduce expenses on wedding, many brides decide to forgo the wedding favors because they think these are just the small details. Skipping this would, however, not ruin your special day, a part of you still wishes that your guests would have something that they can remember your memorable wedding day. Well if you are creative, you don’t need to economize these favors but still you can get some appreciation from your wedding guests by following some simple suggestions.

Following are tips to save on wedding favors:

  • Your plan should be doubly helpful: two for one souvenir are practical and cost-affective. For example, mini photo frame souvenirs that can double as table card holders. These frames serve as a take-home memento.
  • Be creative: If you have got a creative knack, go for it. Round up some friends or family members for a night of home-made favor making.
  • Trim your list: Suppose your favor is inexpensive but your guest list is more, your expense will blow out. So, trim the list.
  • Mix with music: Make some personalized music of yours and yours partner in blank CDs and cover it with the case.
  • Go for the sweet treats: You have knowledge for baking sweet treats. If so, you can assign your bridesmaids for, say, an afternoon session for cupcakes, baking cookies, or any other sweet treat you can think of that can be a good memento for your wedding day. Pack and wrap them up in nice and colorful food paper and tie with a satin ribbon to complete the look.

Updated: January 23, 2016 — 3:28 am
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