Tips to Keep Pets Safe While You Tackle Home Repair Projects

Safety is always important during repairing or remodeling your home, especially when you have pets because the products that are used and situations that arise during repair can be dangerous to them. We can guide our children by giving directions to avoid such dangerous circumstances to happen but we cannot guide pets because they do not understand the dangerous health threats involved in home repairing tools, finishes and other items working with.

So, always monitor the products which you are using for your home renovation in order to keep your pets safe. Here the home renovation task can be of anything like redecorating, maintenance or cleaning etc.

Following are some project items that can cause problems to your pets health.

  • Paints is one of the item which can irritate your pet because some paints are toxic and contain heavy metals which can cause stomach upset and chemical burn happens when solvents are used to remove the paint on the skin of the pet.
  • Protect your pet from tools and supplies like nails, tacks, screws, electrical cords on power tools and insulation because these all are potential threats to your pets. Eating these items can cause damage to the stomach and intestines.
  • If your pet consumes some construction glues, it may cause stomach problems or even a life-threatening blockages in your pet.
  • Chewing on electrical power cords can cause burns to the mouth.
  • Human medications can also be a problematic to your pet if it eats them.
  • Always remember while you are working with open doorways and windows for replacing the windows and doors because cats and dogs will wander inside and outside.
  • Leaving pets alone with remodeling workers is a dangerous proposal. The workers are not in a state to head for the animals.
  • Some plants and trees such as oleander, yews, apple trees, carnations, delphinium, lilies, including easter lilies, tiger lilies looks beautiful in the houses but when these are chewed by the dogs it can be a poisonous to them.
  • Keep room fresheners, cleaning products, fertilizers, pest baits away from the pets.

Many people think about so many things before remodeling house such as cost, tools, planning etc. But no one think about safety considerations for their pets. So, please consider above points while renovating your home so that you are also happy, your pet health is also good and renovation of your home will also run smoothly.

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