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Know How to Reduce Risk of Motor-Vehicle Accidents

In many urban areas, everyday a person dies in a motor vehicle accident. Even the pedestrians are likely to be killed in the accidents. These accidents often occur due to the carelessness and negligence of the drivers involved in the accident. As a result, the victims of the motor-vehicle accidents claim for the compensation for the medical expenses as well as for the pain and the suffering.

The most common types of personal/bodily injury claims or property damage claims occur due to the negligence of the person who caused the accident. There are many ways to reduce the risk of death or bodily injury or property damage caused by the motor-vehicle accidents. Here below, you can find some useful things to reduce these accident risks.

Wear seat belt: Before driving you need to wear seat belt including lap and shoulder restraints. It was observed that, half of the people who died in motor-vehicle accidents were the people not wearing seat belts. The lap-shoulder belts will reduce the risk of fatal injury to front-seat occupants of vehicle.

Do not consume alcohol or drugs:
Do not drive after consuming alcohol and avoid consuming over the counter drugs that cause drowsiness. Drivers who are driving for long nights and long distances are more at risk of accident due to the sleep-related crashes. You need to stop driving, if you find your eyes closing or going out of focus.

Maintain speed limit: Be sure your vehicle is under speed control. Do not drive above limit or below the limit, as both are equally dangerous. Maintain a safe distance between your vehicle and the vehicle ahead of you.

Avoid distractions: Be sure you won’t get distracted with cell phones, loud music, eating while driving, all which cause you to take away the hands off from the steering wheel. This is major reason for all motor-vehicle accidents that involves risk of negligence and carelessness.

Check vehicle condition before driving:
Be sure your vehicle is properly served or checked regularly by a mechanic before you go on a drive. Check whether all the parts of the vehicle like tires, brakes, front and back lights, batteries are in good working condition.

By taking all the above stated precautions, you can avoid the risk of motor-vehicle accidents.

Updated: February 18, 2016 — 7:28 am
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