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Know Fuel/Gas Saving Tips for Your Car

The following tips help you reduce the amount of fuel you use which, in turn, gives your car best mileage.

Here are fuel saving tips for your car:

  • Maintain pressure in the tires according to the levels mentioned in the manufacturer’s specimen otherwise your car consumes more fuel.
  • Don’t fill your car fuel tank completely because keeping half-tank makes it possible in maintaining proper pressure. By doing so, your car fuel pipes stay away from dirt as well as residues.
  • Driving your car smoothly and accelerating gently can help you save a lot of fuel.
  • Service your car at regular intervals of time at reputed service centers. This will keep your car in good condition.
  • Having too much load in the car increases fuel consumption. Remove unnecessary things which you don’t need. Even avoid using electrical items like turning on head lights and the air conditioner when you don’t need.
  • Never start the engine until you desire and ready to go for drive.
  • Fast driving also increases car fuel consumption. Drive at a moderate speed.
  • Suppose you are caught in traffic jam and need to wait for more than three minutes, then it is better to keep off your car engine and start your car when traffic is clear.
  • Avoid using car for walkable distances. By doing this you can save car fuel.

By following above tips, you save fuel and therefore, money.

Updated: February 18, 2016 — 7:31 am
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