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Advantages of Sharing a Nanny

Working parents may find it beneficial to appoint a nanny independently. While, it is more convenient to hire an independent nanny, it may not be necessary always. Especially if your child is old enough to join a pre-school, then sharing a nanny with other families and their children would be a wise option. The present article is going to discuss the advantages of sharing a nanny in such situations.

Nanny share is an affordable childcare option
The first consideration you make when hiring a nanny is the cost – the salary and perquisites you should be willing to give. Hiring a full-time nanny or considering a day-care center can prove costly compared to nanny share. Sharing the nanny takes away the burden from your shoulders to bear the costs of a nanny all by yourself. Sharing a nanny is, thus, advantageous given the hard economic circumstance, when paying a full time nanny is hard.

Advantages of sharing a nanny
Besides being cost-effective, nanny sharing also has numerous other advantages that makes it worth considering.

  • Few children – one-to-one attention
  • Compared to a day-care center or a pre-school, by sharing a nanny, your child would get one-to-one attention. As there are only few children – two or three, it is easy for nanny to take care of each child according to the need, health and general disposition. When the nanny is shared, the work has to be hosted at one of the homes, which is worked by the families thus participating. As child is in the home environment, it would be easy to cope within the absence of parents.

  • Socialization among the children
  • Sharing a nanny would lead to socialization. The kids will be exposed to friendship with other children. This is, especially so when the kid has to move to other home for nanny care. The child would meet new friends in different environment. This will encourage the children to learn new attributes quickly. Above all, socialization would help children prepare for going to a pre-school center where there may be tens of such children in a group.
    Parents also will have peace of mind as their little ones are under the active care of a professionally trained personnel.

  • High pay package makes the nanny stay for long
  • Nanny-sharing enables the nanny to earn more, which in turn would encourage the nanny to work longer for the children assigned, if she were working for two or more families. When the number of families are more, the nanny’s pay per hour is higher.

Take the help of referral agencies to get good caretakers
Take the help of good, experienced and reputed referral agencies to hire a professional nanny and to get the background of nanny checked. As the nanny you are planning to hire is a shared one, you can share the information with the other families. However, you should interview the nanny yourself, despite obtaining good credential from the other families.

Also, it is also important to know the families who are involved with yours in sharing the nanny. Have their background checked thoroughly, even if it is time consuming. Ensure that such families should have the motivation, attitude towards children as you do – regarding their behavior, eating habits, etc, because it is crucial for successful sharing of the nanny.

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