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Suggested Wall Decals for Children’s Rooms

Wall decals are really a great and the most cost effective ways of changing the appearance of the kids room. It is not necessary to spend hundreds of dollars to get a huge wall painting or a wall mural in order to decorate the walls when the availability of the wall decals is made convenient through online sales and services. Among all the available wall decals, kids wall decals are most popular and here are few suggestions for choosing wall decals for children’s rooms.

Before thinking about the themes, patterns and designs it is important to check two factors in particular for kids rooms. One thing is the safety and the other thing is the kids choice. Since the decals are meant for kids room one has to make sure about the material used in making the decal. Harmful substances such as lead or cadmium should not be used in any toy or thing related to kids. So make sure that the decals are cadmium free and hence are safe for the children. The second factor is the choice of your kid. It is always better to opt for the themes or designs preferred by your child as they give them immense pleasure and happiness whenever they are in their rooms.

Coming to the themes, colors, patterns and designs best suited for kids rooms, there is a huge variety of themes available in the market which are designed especially for their rooms. So you can choose one from them depending on your kid’s taste. If you don’t want to go for themes and would like to prefer individual designs then go for cartoon and Disney characters like Winnie the pooh, cars, princess, comic heroes, sports images, dinosaurs and other animals in jungle and so on. Glow in the dark decals are also available which are useful for creating stars on the ceiling which gives the kids a feeling of sleeping under the cool sky and it is so natural also.

Making the decals educational is also one of the popular practices for kids rooms. Such educational decals include numbers, shapes, alphabets, colors, names of fruits, animals, birds etc. This helps the kid to learn new things more quickly since he/she keeps of observing them. As these decals are removable you can change them once your kid is well versed with them.

Updated: February 23, 2012 — 1:05 am
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