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Some Quick Website Maintenance Tips

Website maintenance helps you in keeping your website in a perfect condition. Here are some of the monitoring

  • Update the content. Replace outdated content with updated content. Timely updated content is on top priority for visitors.
  • Make sure that your website loads quickly.
  • Maintain your files in respected sub-folders.
  • If a webpage needs to include more information in the future, make it expand vertically. It will helpful for you to add new stuff.
  • The images, if any, should be of the same size.
  • If you need to update a web page frequently, create a backup copy each time, when you are going to update the web page.
  • Suppose you have changed or modified any web page, prepare track record for that modifications. It will help you in the future that why you did monitoring
  • Make sure to present your website to visitors online 24 hours a day. For this, take help of monitoring services, for example, how it is operating, if it is facing any difficulties etc.
  • Always watch out for broken links because when a visitor see any broken links, it create a negative and visitors won’t get back.
  • Maintain fonts which help visitors read the text effortlessly. And also never incorporate too many colors in fonts.
Updated: June 23, 2017 — 5:17 am
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