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Tips to Care Baby Teeth

Most of the parents are not aware of when to start caring for their child’s teeth. Lack of knowledge of proper care is the main reasons for this. However, it is necessary to take care of the baby teeth to ensure perfect health of permanent teeth in future. Go throw to know some tips for caring your baby teeth.

  • Caring the baby teeth should start at infant stage itself when they are not erupted. Once the baby is fed, clean the gums and tongue by rubbing the front and back. Ensure that you use a sterilized gauge to clean them. However, remember that you need not use any toothpaste.
  • When the baby grows, teeth erupt from gums and this teething process may be very much irritating to kids. Ensure that they are not prone to chewing filthy objects during teething.
  • Use a soft toothbrush to clean the baby teeth.
  • Avoid giving sugary fruit juices which may make the teeth susceptible to decay and damage.
  • When giving a baby pacifier, ensure that it is clean and sterilized. Some parents have a habit of giving the pacifier dipped in sweet substances. However, this is very much problematic and hence, should be prevented.
  • Be sure to avoid your baby to use a baby pacifier when sleeping. Also, do not give milk or juice bottles to your kids when sleeping. Otherwise, bottle baby dental problems may arise which may cause white or brown spots on teeth and may lead to tooth decay. When you give milk while sleeping, certain acids may be formed as a result of the reaction between the bacteria in the mouth and the lactose present in the milk. These acids may damage the enamel of the child’s teeth.
  • Certain oral medications given to babies contain sucrose which is a sugar compound. Therefore, give any oral medications before brushing.

In addition to following these baby teeth care tips, regular dental visits are very much important to know the progress and health of your child’s teeth.

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