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Wholesale Glow sticks to Light Up Your Golf Court

Many things comes in to play when it comes to organizing a golf tournament at nights. Because there are lot many things which require illumination so that they are visible to the players as well as the spectators. First thing is, unlike small courts which are used to play basket ball and frisbee, the golf court it self is a huge one and requires many number of glow sticks to light up various places.

For lighting up the golf court we need long glow sticks, if they are not available we can connect few small sized ones and make them in to lengthy ones. The path ways and the areas where the golf flag is located and the way to the hole in to which the ball has to be hit should be illuminated with long and short glow sticks.

Coming to the object, mainly the golf ball, there are special mini glow sticks available which can be dropped in to the balls to make them visible. Next the golf stick, if required can be taped with a couple of glow bracelets and glow necklaces. The players should be provided with glow necklaces and bracelets. And next comes the golf cart, it can also be highlighted with few glow sticks. Since the colors green and yellow represent the sport, these colors should be used and in order to highlight the wrong areas red glow sticks can be used. Purchasing all the things in bulk is a cost effective way of making the golf court ready for glow in the dark tournaments.

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