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Tips for Proper Cleaning of Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are made up of sensitive material in order to make the eyes comfortable even after wearing them. They are very helpful for the people who are suffering from vision defects and who don’t like wearing eye glasses. For effective functionality of these lenses proper care and maintenance is very essential. Except for disposable lenses any other lenses irrespective of their types need cleaning every time we remove them. There are three basic reasons for keeping your contact lenses clean and healthy. The first one is for proper vision, to protect the eyes from infections and to increase the life of your lenses. For all these reasons one needs to take enough care about their lenses which is beneficial for them to have a proper eye sight.

Multipurpose solutions are available is the market which can clean, wash, disinfect and can also be used for storing the contact lenses much effectively. The solutions from reputed brands are of high quality and remove the bacteria, fungi and other particles from the lenses and make them disinfected. Also there are saline solutions which can clean the lenses but cannot disinfect them or save them from infection causing bacteria or germs. Other type of cleaners called as Enzymatic cleaners are also available which are used to remove the protein deposits from the lenses. However, it is always advised to take doctors suggestions before using any one of the above solutions.

Before going for removing and storing of contact lenses it is essential and also very important step to clean your hands thoroughly with soap or lotions which are mild and have less chemicals. Drying your hands is also very important so that you can save your lenses from scratching due to the dust on your hand. Whatever material is used to touch the contact lenses it should be clean and neat so that the lens won’t get affected by the dust deposits in them. Handling the lenses should be done with proper care and attention unless which their life and functionality would be greatly affected.

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