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Teaching With Glow Sticks

Glow sticks became so popular because of the attracting factor in them. Children of little ages are attracted most to brighter objects and new inventions. They love to play with different toys which has some lighting effects. So, glow sticks are a kind of recreation for them. You can conduct a lot of games using this glow sticks especially for kids.

Childhood is not only the time to enjoy but also a great learning period. Every thing is like a surprise for kids. They show lot of interest in learning new things which include some special effects like lights and sounds. School teachers can take it as an advantage to make children pay more interest and attention by teaching them with glow sticks.

Let me tell you how.

  • Many games can be conducted using these glow sticks.
  • Generally children have the tendency to forget things like colors, names etc. They often get confused with various colors. In such cases you can make use of glow sticks of different colors to explain them about different colors.
  • For the children of higher classes you can explain the phenomenon of of bio- luminance, a chemical reaction used by plants and animals to produce light. This concept can be found especially in deep sea animals which try to attract their mate by glowing in the dark. They can get better idea about these things.
  • You can make use of these glow stick necklaces and bracelets to explain them about few shapes and sizes.
  • They can also be taught about the usage of glow sticks for different military purposes and how they can be used for different rescue operations in a more clear way.
  • You can also educate them by explaining the importance of glow sticks especially during natural calamities and disasters like earthquakes and cyclones.
  • You can also show them how to make different craft items using glow sticks like glow stick spiders, masks, fire flies etc.

These kind of activities when done with children helps them to get knowledge more practically rather than through theoretical and bookish means. Practical knowledge helps them to remember things for a longer time which helps them in their further development and growth.

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