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Glow Swords – Excellent Party Favors for Kids

Kids love to enjoy with glow products. Glow sticks are the best novel items which can be safely used by kids. They contain chemical substances which are combined by the breakage of the inner glass vial. The chemicals are non-toxic and hence, you can allow kids to use glow sticks.

They love to play with glow sticks. Glow necklaces, bracelets, earrings, bunny ears, hair pins and so on are the popular products of glow sticks which kids like to wear during night parties and celebrations. Glow swords are the other glow stick products which are the excellent party favors for kids. They can be used for trick or treating. They are ideal glow items for any pirate or medieval themed party or event.

Glow sword is nothing but a sword in which a glow stick is stuck into the handle. The handle is generally four inches in length. However, the glow stick which measures 8 inches is stuck into it. Just bend the glow stick to activate it and insert it into the handle. Glow swords are found in assorted colors including green, yellow, blue and orange. They are the best glow party favors which provide hours of light filled fun. Kids like to spin them around and enjoy. Your guests also get interested to use glow swords, spin them to create cool spiral effects in the dark. People also love to use long glow sticks as affordable alternative for glow swords for entertainment. Purchase a glow sword as the best glow accessory for your kid with a variety costume for the next Halloween party and have a blast.

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