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Strengthen Your Spine with Yogic Exercises

Spine which is also called as back bone is a vital part of the human body. It is well structured to perform its tasks. It is very strong part of the human body. But these days there are lots of people who are suffering from different spinal problems. The problem ranges from minor back pain to severe disc problems. If this is strong and flexible it can face any kind of problems effectively. Regular exercises like swimming just makes the muscles stronger but will not help to build bone strength due to the weightlessness of the medium.

Some postures in yoga are very effective in strengthening your lower back. They improve the flexibility of spine by stretching the muscles and through some twisting postures. You can also avoid poor postures by strengthening your spine. These are some particular postures called cobra, supine flowing twist, marichi’s pose and hero pose which helps your spine to become more flexible.

These postures also help in the over all development of the body. They build abdominal strength as it increases the flexibility of the spine. Among all the postures cobra is one of the back strengthening postures. In this posture the person has to lie on his belly with the elbows tucked in towards the waist and palms on the floor next to the chest. After relaxing for a while he will lift his shoulders and chest off the ground and uses his lower back muscles to lift up. He holds the same position for 7-10 breaths. This posture increases the flexibility of the spine.

Each and every posture has its own unique importance and which helps to strengthen the spine in a more beneficial way. Regular practicing of these kind of spine exercises relieves you from minor disorders and makes your spine more flexible. Major problems regarding the spine can also be cured using some special techniques but they should be followed and practiced only under experts supervision.

Updated: December 3, 2015 — 7:46 am
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