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Know How to Manage Stress with Yoga

When compared to the all the previous generations, today’s generation is leading a very stressful life style. There might be various reasons which differ from person to person to get affected by stress. You may feel that stress is an psychological thing and it may not effect any part of the body. If you think so you are wrong. The fact is that stress affects the diaphragm, which is termed as the seat of intelligence of heart and the window of soul according top yogic science.

When ever we are feeling stressed our breathing rate increases without our knowledge. The inhalation and exhalations during these conditions alters the shape of the diaphragm, which further causes some health problems.

So how is yoga helpful to manage our stress levels? The important feature of yoga is it makes the system stronger which ever is mostly effected. Hence it develops the elasticity of the diaphragm so that even though it is stretched during the stressful situations it becomes normal since its elasticity is increased. Whether it may be an emotional stress or physical or intellectual the diaphragm becomes effective in handling it.

Other than that, relaxed breathing techniques also help to manage stress and to reduce tension. Since breathing is effortless it does not use any energy which makes the mind and body relaxed and stress free. Along with the brain prolonged inhalation and exhalation makes the facial muscles, all the sense organs in our face and body more peaceful and gives them a sort of relaxation.

Once you get used to these techniques to remove stress, you will come to know about your inner self more clearly. So, by this you can lead a better quality of life with less stress which helps you to make better decisions even in more critical situations.

Updated: December 18, 2013 — 5:35 am
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