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Glow Sticks for Safety in Times of Emergency

Glow sticks are plastic translucent tubes which uses the phenomenon of chemiluminescence to glow. They are activated when the plastic tube is bent and the vial inside is broken. The combination of two chemicals present in it makes it glow. Besides using glow sticks for recreation and special arrangements there are some other reasons which made them even more popular.

Especially during the times of emergency they are of much use. Since they don’t require any kind of electricity they effectively work in any given environment. Let us check how they can be used effectively at times of emergency.

  • During the times of natural calamities, if any natural disasters like cyclones, tsunamis, floods etc., happens, glow sticks work as the greatest sources of providing light. Since they don’t need any electricity they can be used very effectively.
  • They are used to identify people who got struck in floods or in any forest areas. Since they emit light which travel for long distances they can also be used as signals for help.
  • If there is a sudden gas leakage in our houses during night times, at that situations we are not supposed to switch on any lights. At that situations also these glow sticks help us as a source of light since they don’t emit any heat.
  • If your car suddenly broke down while you are in a long journey, especially during night times glow sticks will provide you with some source of light.
  • Bright colored glow sticks are used for controlling traffic.
  • Military uses them for a lot of search and tactical operations.

These are some emergency situations which makes use of the glow sticks as a great alternative for light. So, always keep couple of glow sticks at your home so that you can be able to face any kind of situations even though there is no electricity.

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