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Concentrate More by Doing Yoga

Concentration is nothing but focusing on a particular point and at the same time avoiding all other thoughts which distracts your focus. The concentration levels vary from person to person and from the task to task we are working on. In general if people like to do the thing they are more concentrated, on the other hand, if they are not at all interested they don’t even concentrate for a single minute. But with some they don’t have any issues but still they can’t concentrate.

Yoga is found effective in treating the minds without concentration. Different poses, breathing techniques, and meditation are helpful to increase to keep the mind sharp and active. This helps the brain to become more calm and quiet and hence focuses perfectly.

Let us check some poses in yoga and their benefits which are useful to improve concentration:

Warrior Pose: This pose is called as vibradasana in Sanskrit and is very helpful in strengthening the sense of balance and concentration. Due to the exhalations and inhalations involved in these pose the chest and the lungs got stretched and the muscles present in them get enough strength.

Lotus Pose: This is the best pose which facilitates relaxation, concentration and meditation. It creates a balance between the body and mind. It helps in soothing the nervous system and makes the mind and calm.

Tortoise Pose: This pose involves stretching of legs, back and shoulder. This helps in focusing on the inner mind and promotes surrender and inner security.

Bridge Pose: This is one of the best poses which helps on calming the brain, and alleviating the stress. It also helps in coming out of depression. It stimulates all the internal organs and aids digestion.

Shooting Bow Pose: The shape of this posture is in the form of bow and hence the name. This pose is helpful for relaxing the mind and increasing the concentration.

These are some of the famous poses which are helpful for increasing the concentration levels.

Updated: December 18, 2013 — 5:34 am
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