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Yoga is the Best Tool for Anger Management

Anger is one of the biggest enemy for a person. It can destroy oneself. It influences greatly on a person’s behavior and gives bad impression for others. Anger is one of the nastiest emotion. Yoga is one of the best practice to control anger. As most of the psychologists say that, yoga plays a vital role in anger management. They suggest that pranayama and meditation is one of the best way to control emotions and stress. Meditation and pranayama are two basic principles of yoga practice. Pranayama is sankrit word, prana means life force and yama means to direct it. It is also called as breathing technique.

Meditation is one of the basic principles of yoga. Meditation is a best way to get a relieved and calm mind. Meditation is a discipline in which one attempts to have control over his mind to get a deeper state of relaxation and awareness. Meditation helps to control stress and anxiety.

Breathing technique is also a part of yoga practice. In this, a person can control and regulate the breath. Breathing technique improves the breath hold time that means it increases the time gap between inhalation and exhalation. This allows lungs to absorb maximum amount of oxygen. While holding maximum oxygen one can remove his emotions and tensions from mind. Breathing technique improves supply of optimum oxygen to body and mind cells. Due to this, brain can work actively and develops positive thoughts. When ever a positive thought comes across the brain that automatically reduces your emotions and sadness. These are the main factors to drop anger from mind.

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