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Instructions to Store Soft Drinks

One of the forms in which soft drinks are mostly available are the canned ones. These canned drinks are used for longer storage when compared to the glass and plastic containers. These canned soft drinks when shown proper attention and taken much care will last even after their expiry date. But if you have a lot of canned drinks with you, you can’t store them in your refrigerator. So, you have to go to other safer methods for storing them out side your fridge.

Here are few instructions to store your soft drinks even with out refrigerating them.

  • On some soda cans it is clearly instructed that they should be refrigerated, in such cases you cannot do any thing except putting them in your fridge.
  • Just be aware of the expiry date of the drinks and try to use the first and the later ones after.
  • In case you are not refrigerating them they should be kept in a cool dark place away from sunlight.
  • Even after storing them, use a dry cloth to wipe the moisture and any dust on the cans.
  • The sun will warm up the cans which certainly leads to destroying its quality. So always keep the cans in wooden cup boards which don’t allow much sunlight.
  • Don’t move the drinks from one place to other and it is safe to keep them in up right position.
  • Don’t keep them in deep freezers where the temperature is very low and makes the liquid in to ice. This will lead top bottle breakage because of the soda present in them.

By following these simple tips you can store your soft drinks for longer periods.

Updated: June 23, 2011 — 12:28 am
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