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Know Some Home Remedies for Bad Breath

Considering the oral health is really important. The moment you think about dental problems, you remember tooth sensitivity, tooth ache, tooth decay, tooth loss and so on. But, did you ever think that even bad breath is related to your oral health? This is the problem which is common among many people, but neglected. However, there are certain home remedies to overcome bad breath or halitosis. Have a look on some of them and try if you are suffering from it.

  • As bad breath is mostly observed because of the improper dental health or hygiene, it is necessary to brush the teeth twice daily. Also, floss daily to remove any odor-causing bacteria.
  • Use a tongue scraper to remove the dead cells, bacteria and food particles from the tongue and rinse your mouth thoroughly.
  • Keep your mouth moist by drinking water and other fluids like soup. Certain watery fruits and vegetables like cucumber are also helpful as they are considered to rebalance the body.
  • Juices from raw fruits and vegetables act best against bad breath. In particular, juices of green vegetables work much better.
  • Guava is the other common home remedy for halitosis. It destroys the harmful bacteria present in the gums and stops bleeding from gums. This, in turn, helps in reducing the bad breath.
  • Fenugreek is the most common home remedy which minimizes the problem. One teaspoon of fenugreek seeds have to be taken. They are added in half liter of cold water and allowed to simmer on a low flame for 15 minutes. The mixture is then strained and the filtered liquid should be taken as a fenugreek tea. Having it regularly will decrease the bad breath.

Apart from these avocado, parsley and clove are the other home remedies for bad breath. However, it is better to consult a dentist to know if you have dental infection or any other dental problems.


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