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Know How to Write a Nanny Contract

As you know, an agreement or written contract is necessary for any business. In the same way it is also important to write a nanny contract when you hire a nanny for your children. A nanny has the role to take charge of your children in an unsupervised setting. Also, she has to work in your home which may not give a professional workplace environment. However, it is necessary to ensure that a professional tone of relationship is maintain with your nanny. A nanny contract helps you in this process. Are you confused as to how to write your nanny contract. Then follow these tips to make it easy.

  • First, mention the parties involved in the agreement. Here, you need to mention yours and your nanny’s details.
  • Then give the details of the job roles and responsibilities of the nanny. While writing, do not forget even small issues which upon neglecting may rise many problems.
  • Then write the salary details of your nanny. Mention how the nanny is to be paid, whether in a monthly, weekly, or hourly basis. Whatever be the way of the payment, ensure that you stick to the rules mentioned. While writing the salary details, also consider the things like room, bedding and others provided to the nanny.
  • Apart from them, you need to mention the benefits provided for the nanny. Also some emergency and safety issues have to be written in contract.
  • While writing the contract, make sure that proper and respectful language is used.
  • The contract should be specific as well as clear. If you read it once, you need to understand the rules and obligations. Any misconceptions from the contract may also create problems. Therefore make sure that your nanny understands the contract.
  • You should be fair in writing the family’s and nanny’s needs. If you mention the details in the contract such it just favors you, the nanny may feel disrespected and unappreciated. So be careful.

A nanny contract should therefore clear the doubts of both parents and the nannies. Writing a nanny contract can help you avoid any serious problems related to childcare.

Updated: April 3, 2013 — 12:05 am
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