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Tips for Maintaining Ceramic Tiles

Are you interested to add ceramic tiles to your kitchen as a part of remodeling? Then you have a wider choice of colors, patterns and designs to use them in your kitchen. You can add them for flooring and countertops. Also, they can be arranged in the black splash area of your kitchen to give a more elegant look. However, you should know certain tips for maintaining ceramic tiles properly.

  • Vacuuming the tile floor to remove dirt and dust is most important. When you vacuum the tile floor, check for any metal or plastic attachments which may scratch the surface.
  • The tiles should be mopped with a cloth and water. Remember that the surfaces should be wiped properly after use to keep away piling up of dirt and debris. Ensure that the tiles are dried by a cloth or a sponge in order to prevent mildew formation.
  • Tiles should be protected with mats. Place good quality maps to protect the tiles from pressure friction or weight. The fibers of the mat trap the dirt, grit, sand and oil deposited on the tiles. Make sure that the mats are replaced when they are worn out.
  • Use mild dish soap to mop the tiles to prevent any damage to your tiles.
  • Cleaning grouts (cemented space between the tiles) is also very important. Specific mild detergents should be used to clean the grouts if they are found to be discolored. Do not forget to wipe the tiles with a dry cloth after cleaning the grouts. Hydrogen peroxide solution is found to be the best chemical for cleaning grouts of tiles.
  • Special steam cleaners are also used to clean the grouts. The steam is forced down with high pressure into the tile and the grout.

Know these tips to maintain your ceramic tiles and make your kitchen look great.

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