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Know How to Treat a Live-in Nanny

For parents who have important professional careers, it is difficult to provide proper care to their kids. It becomes a necessity for them to hire a live-in nanny. A live-in nanny is the one who stays with you in your home and cares for your child. Sometimes she is involved in other household activities apart from the childcare. She has access to everything inside the house and hence it is your responsibility to have a look on her. Treating the nanny in a specific way is really important. Otherwise it may make you and your child miserable.

  • Though you treat the live-in nanny as a part of the family, you should be professional. Remember that you are her employer. Make her know the necessary discipline rules and regulations to be followed in the home. Fix specific schedule and routine for her. At the same time you should not behave as a boss.
  • Provide her with specific requirements like a separate room and other necessary things for her comfort.
  • She should be treated as a fellow human being. Some people treat the live-in nanny in a harsh way and shout or curse them. This is not at all good. If any mistake happens, gently explain the problem and ask to correct herself.
  • Give certain gifts at occasions as a token of gratitude.
  • If the nanny comes from other country or state, you should provide her transportation.
  • She should be included in some family activities so that she feels free with the child as well as the parents.
  • Know that she too has some relations. Provide some vacation for her at some instances.
  • Ask her if there are any issues with the behavior of the kid. Try to avoid it as early as possible.

The nanny feels respectful when properly treated. She gets more impressed by your behavior and becomes more responsible.

Updated: December 18, 2013 — 5:18 am
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