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Easy Ways to Remove Glow Stick Stains on Clothes

Glow sticks have become popular for recreational uses in parties, clubs, and other celebrations at night. They are so easy to be used even by children. All you need to do is to bend the plastic tube containing the chemicals and shake it well to ensure their proper mixing. The glow resulted from the chemiluminescent reaction is really exciting. The glow is can even be colored by addition of specific fluorescent dyes. Children and youth are interested and enthusiastic to use colorful glow sticks like glow bracelets and necklaces.

Though, it is easy to handle them, sometimes, the chemicals may spill on your clothes. Hydrogen peroxide, phenyl oxalate ester and a fluorescent dye are the most common chemicals present in glow sticks. Hydrogen peroxide is a form of bleach and the green, blue or red colored fluorescent dyes may even stain clothes. What to do to remove these stains? Here are some tips to follow.

As soon as the chemical spills on your clothes, rinse the stain with cold water. The stain, before being set to the stain, is lifted by cold water. Check if there are any small shards of glass of the capsule of the glow stick. Remove them carefully. Then the clothes are soaked overnight in cold water containing a color-safe and oxygen-based bleach. The stained area is then pre-treated with a stain stick or spray and then washed normally. If the stain still remains, then continue the whole process again before drying. However, if your stain cloth has to be only dry washed, then make sure that proper stain remover is used before keeping it in the dry bag. This way you can remove the stains formed by glow sticks.

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