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Know Some Tips to Alleviate Toothache

It is essential that we consider the importance of oral hygiene. Improper or negligent care of oral health can lead to many dental problems. Toothaches are common because of many dental problems. As soon as you suffer from toothaches, you need to consult the dentist to detect its cause. Proper treatment is then advised to reduce the pain. However, here are some quick tips that help in alleviating toothache at situations where you cannot consult a dentist.

  • It is better to rinse the mouth with warm salt water.
  • Gently flossing between the sore tooth can remove any remained food debris or particles.
  • Applying oil of cloves or an over the counter antiseptic containing benzocaine onto the gum or tooth can help reduce the pain.
  • Brush your teeth thoroughly in order to remove any built up bacteria, food particles, and plaque.
  • Chewing a garlic clove is a valuable home remedy for decreasing the toothache. This is because of allicin, a compound present in garlic, has strong antibiotic properties. So it removes some of the pain causing bacteria present in your mouth.
  • A cold compress by applying an icepack to the side of the mouth where your sore tooth is on can minimize the pain. However, the pain relief is found to be temporary.

Following these tips can give you a temporary relief from toothache. Most of these remedies need simple ingredients that are available around your home. However, remember that you need to consult a dentist to know the reason and get appropriate treatment.

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