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Electrical Safety Tips at Workplace

In the work place environment it is the common responsibility of all employees, to protect the company from electrical accidents.

  • We should carefully review the safety guidelines before working with electrical things.
  • Extension cords having three prongs should be used to prevent short circuits, overloading and electrocution. Never use a high extension cord and always remove cords by pulling from the plug, rather than the cord.
  • Don’t use generators indoors, and always make sure that the main circuit breaker that connects your building to the power grids is turned off.
  • Don’t stand on wet areas while using corded power tools.
  • Don’t use power tools in the rain.
  • While working with power lines, use non-conductive wood or fiberglass ladders.
  • Check all the cables properly. If you find any worn cable, or if it is frayed anywhere, replace it.
  • Try to prefer extra sockets for each item. Using one socket to multiple items reduces the cost but it can increase the risk of fire.
  • Try to work with lower voltage, it is less likely for serious incidents to arise through this. If you need to work with high voltage machinery, it is better to choose battery operated safer option.
  • Always unplug the electrical items before cleaning.
  • Even if an electrical system is not faulty to the point of being dangerous, it should be marked clearly with a label that says DO NOT USE, and removed from its working location (if possible) until a trained professional can come to assess the situation.
  • If you are electrocuted, do not refuse aid or treatment. There might internal burns and injuries that you may not know. Seek medical attention immediately.

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