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Different Types of Attires for Men for Wedding parties

Dressing for a wedding depends on many factors like time and place of the wedding, relationship with the bride and the groom, and the physique. There are many options for choosing right apparel for wedding and some times the expected attire is mentioned in the wedding card. It is also important to wear a dressing attire which is comfortable as the wedding lasts for long time and it is also advised not to wear brand new dresses for a wedding.

Formal Wedding Attire:
While attending a formal wedding like the wedding of the boss’s son, it is better to wear a formal dress. A dark colored blazer, a white shirt and a black tie will be the perfect combination for a formal wedding. Another type of dressing available for these types of wedding is cocktail attire for men.

Beach Wedding Attire:
There are many options available in wedding attires for a beach wedding and the casual attire is perfect for these types of weddings. Another option is wearing a crisp white shirt teamed with a pair of cream or khaki colored trousers and leather sandals.

Semi Formal Wedding Attire:
The ideal semi formal attire for a wedding would be a dress shirt, pants and a blazer. Wearing a tie depends on your choice and if it is an evening wedding it is best to choose a black or a dark colored blazer.

Summer Wedding Attire:
As already said dressing for a wedding depends on time and place of the wedding, it is better to wear cotton dress if the wedding is in a humid place. Choice of color of the attire also depends on the place and if the wedding is outdoors, take sunglasses and sun block. If it is going to be a formal wedding it is good to wear a cream colored suit with a white shirt and cream colored dress pants, do not wear tie as it may get very hot.

Weddings are treated as very special occasions. Your attire should suit the mood of the party, which otherwise may end up giving you the wrong attention.

Updated: January 23, 2016 — 3:35 am
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